Things to Do During the Summer in Tallahassee

– You see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with your friends because it’s a Wednesday night and you’ve got absolutely nothing better to do. It was… pretty ridiculous, exactly what you would expect from a movie titled Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

- You read and re-read things. I’ve finally read a work by Kazuo Ishiguro, The Remains of the Day plus you re-read On The Road for the…. well, I don’t remember what time this was but it’s been quite a few, and Rabbit, Run for the second time. I’ve definitely enjoyed it, or perhaps I should say I’ve gotten more out of it upon this second reading.

- You go out with some of the new grad students to see The Amazing Spider-Man, which is pretty good though you can nit-pick and there about things you would have done differently or that don’t mesh with your own notion of a Spider-Man film. But the one biggest pain is the one you get in your neck from sitting too close to the screen because the theatre is full.

- You finally start making use of the pool in your apartment complex, swimming a couple times a week. It’s one of the better ways to beat the heat. Also, you try to reserve your swimming for the later, cooler hours of the day and thus avoiding sunburns and heat-related exhaustion.

- You go out and enjoy many beverages.

- You keep yourself busy with teaching and your own work.

- You complain about the weather, but then you feel bad for complaining and for talking about the weather in general, but then you get angry about the weather again so you start to complain… it’s a vicious cycle.

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Starting Again? Really?

Another blog?

Yes, I’ve decided to start another blog. I know I have one devoted solely to sports (well, basketball mainly) and another where I review movies/music/things of that nature, and I think I’ll hang on to them/keep them up/write on them. But I decided I was sick of having everything separate and compartmentalizing and not being able to just write/blog authentically about the stuff I liked/what was going on in my world/etc etc.

So what can you expect? Well, a mix of things. There will be lots of talk about pop culture (music, movies, TV shows, books) but also politics, personal/life stuff, and, yes, sports (which I know will be upsetting to some of you, but it won’t be that much and I won’t go into crazy detail). I wanted to have a blog-type space where I could write about all the things I like, all the things that interest me and seem worth writing about. So, once again, here we go….

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